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A Detailed Information About Me!

Hey there, I’m Aakash A Dudhat

I am the creator Behind Civil Experiences and a Blogging Strategist + Side Hustler.

I created this blog in Set, 2018 for sharing my all Civil Engineering knowledge with a solution to ups and downs in the construction business. The source of my knowledge is my 8 years of CE career in Civil Engineering, Construction, Designing and Planning also One Hobby is related to CSE so 4 years of self-study and now successful Web designer & Digital Marketer so I come in front of you with a combination of Civil Engineering with CSE and make a digital solution for you

Now I am heartily dedicated to helping new student, Fresher in Civil industry, Experience for job worker who plays a role in construction site, for faculty to update with current civil technology, Businessman also improve their creativity to earn some extra money to support their sell

My Mission through CivilExperience is to give you valuable educational articles to improve your skill and knowledge

so if you like then join the community and take advantage

These are my personal blogs to remember the key point and easily gain whenever I want like

HOW & WHY I STARTED CivilExperience?

I‘m 24 years old and a graduate of Civil Engineering (B.E). With First class also you can see my other achievement below the personal intro section

I started this Civil Experience blog to help people who struggle in their college education to clear concept because I also struggle to learn detail about each and every topic and find a solution from the internet but in the internet database, Civil education is not available so I started this Civil Experiences Blog to provide each and every detail also start YouTube channel to provide some tutorial also which is not properly explained in writing

Now we run an experiment on a theme to find out the best user experience on Civil Experience Blog so please cooperate with us

The Mission

To provide Free online access to an e-LIBRARY of quality educational materials as collected from various Prestigious sources to support the learning requisites of Engineering students throughout the world

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